New Hungerford homes won't be ring-fenced for local residents, but they could be under Labour

Hungerford Conservatives seem to agree with Labour Party policy on new homes. 

Newbury Weekly News reports that the part-buy, part-rent (shared ownership) homes being built as part of a new affordable housing project in Hungerford won't be prioritised for local residents. 

Conservative Town Mayor Dennis Bennyworth is reported as backing calls for the homes to be reserved for Hungerford residents but fellow Tory Councillor Paul Hewer, who sits on West Berks Council's planning committee, disagreed and backed the District Council's decision, saying such a move would be 'discrimination'.  

If Mayor Bennyworth or any other Hungerford residents feel that new homes should be ring fenced for first-time buyers in the local community to bid first then they should vote Labour as this is exactly what we would do.

Our housing policy, announced late last year, would allow councils, developers and housing associations to stipulate a period of time where local residents are given priority to buy any newly built homes in order to help first-time buyers stay in their home towns.