Thanks for everything

Thank you so much to everyone who donated, helped leaflet, knocked on doors, drove me to hustings, attended hustings, retweeted, shared posts, helped out with our campaign launch party - every one of you played a part in building what, in context, was a pretty successful result for Labour in Newbury - our largest share of the vote since 1979.

Thank you above all to my wife, Adriana, for designing the leaflets, attending the count and keeping my spirits high as the national catastrophe emerged and for putting up with seeing a lot less of me for the past 5 months and above all for your undying faith in me and your love. He/she might unfortunately be being born into a Tory England but we have something so magical to look forward to in October and I cannot wait.

I've learned so much during this campaign, acquired new friends and mere acquaintances have become great friends too. I'll never forget meeting the people who've suffered because of the Bedroom Tax or those worried about the future of the NHS. I want to thank the 4,837 who voted for me. It means an incredible amount to have your faith placed in me. 

One thing that can be taken from this result is that Newbury Labour stands stronger than it has done for a long time. New members joining, new supporters out with us campaigning including a wave of youthful support. We are building a movement. Join us on this journey and I urge you be with us in challenging the mistakes and wrong headed beliefs of this new Government that will see inequality in our country rise further.

On that final note, we have a new campaign to begin fighting now. It is one that will define our future and that of generations to come. A referendum of whether we stay in or come out of the EU. For those who ask what next for me? This is the answer. Fighting with all my heart to keep Britain in Europe, be a leading voice in building a fairer Europe, this will now consume much of my time and energy and I hope, again, you'll support me and join me as we undertake this new battle.

Thank you all again, for everything, from the bottom of my heart.

"When cowards flinch and traitors sneer. We'll keep the red flag flying here"