Idea 1: all fines should be levied proportional to income

The first of my 25 ideas in 25 days is a simple one: all fines should be proportional to income. 

In Switzerland fines for speeding are proportional to income ( so if you're caught speeding if you're on the national average income (roughly £26,000 a year) or less you would pay say (for ease) £100. If you earn more than that then your fine increases proportionally with income so someone earning £260,000 a year would pay £1,000 whilst someone earning £2.6million would pay £10,000. 

This would raise a little extra cash but more importantly makes the deterrent more equal. Take the example of John Terry and the disabled parking bay ( Terry would probably think twice about parking in a space designed to help disabled people access facilities more easily if his £60 fine was more proportional or he may well still ignore the £6,000 fine but at least we'd raise £6,000 instead of a paltry £60!