Idea 2: Make the energy companies pay the Winter Fuel Allowance

This is the 2nd of my 25 ideas in 25 days. I'm doing one a day leading up to the close of voting for the National Policy Forum.  

I know Jeremy Corbyn has called for renationalisation of the energy companies but in the interim here's a easy move a Labour government could make in its first Budget...

Shift the cost of the Winter Fuel Allowance away from Government and onto the energy companies. 

George Osborne has just done the same with the BBC - making them bear the cost of the free TV licenses for over 75s - so why not do it to the energy companies? 

The money saved could be put towards part of the costs of a radical street-by-street insulation of Britain's notoriously draughty homes which would itself lead to great savings down the line as we'd need to build less power stations due to the decreased demand from simply having more energy efficient housing stock. 

I'd actually go further than making the energy companies pay the Winter Fuel Allowance. I'd like it if we could legislate to say energy companies have to provide a 25% discount to any home with a resident over 67 or with a disability. This, combined with insulation, could rid us of fuel poverty which is a scourge that shouldn't exist in modern day Britain.