Idea 4: electric car charging points for every block of flats

One of the things holding back the take off of electric vehicles (and there are a few) is that despite being able to simply plug new 100% electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf into the plugs in your house those living in flats miss out unless they're willing to run a long cable out of the window and across the car park. 

If you live in a house the Government's Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) will install a free electric charging point for you outside your home but if you live in flats this won't work as you would obviously would need to share the charging costs with the other residents who probably don't have an electric car and almost certainly don't want to pay to charge yours. 

The solution is for the OLEV to install multi-point electric charging points in the car park of every block of flats in the country and provide a card, much like a hotel room key, which users slot in to charge their vehicle. This would allow the costs to be applied directly to the person charging rather than pooling the costs amongst all residents.